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1.0) Introduction
2.0) ToGETher is a game-changing crowdfunding platform
3.0) Crowdfunding
3.1) Crowdfunding in Russia. History and trends
4.0) Initial Coin Offering. IEO, ICO and STO as crowdfunding tools for financing local businesses and startups. History and trends
5.0) Basics of cooperation with ToGETher
5.1) Collaboration: No remuneration
5.2) Collaboration: Non-financial reward
5.3) Collaboration: Crowdinvesting
5.4) User verification
5.5) Cryptocurrency crowdfunding
5.6) Requirements for projects
5.7) List of items prohibited from use as rewards
5.8) The procedure for the return on investment at the expense of the insurance fund ToGETher
5.9) Canceled projects
6.0) Social side of ToGETher
6.1) Bloggers and Advertisers on ToGETher
7.0) Features and Services. How the platform will earn
8.0) Competitive Advantages
9.0) Target audience
10.0) Foundations and their purposes
11.0) Problems of Other Cryptocurrency Projects
12.0) Eggs and baskets. Plans for the future
13.0) Platform objectives
14.0) About how we attract investments. ToGETher affiliate program
15.0) Key steps
16.0) Limitation of Liability
17.0) Contacts

1. Introduction

People are a social being, and his entire development as a species is based on interaction and fruitful cooperation with each other, his individual representatives. Gathering in groups, forming tribes and communities, we have learned to effectively complement each other, thanks to which our entire species has safely gone from “stone axes” and gathering to a modern high-tech society capable of performing complex surgeries or exploring new horizons such as space.

All that our society has achieved over these long years, one way or another, was created and opened thanks to the mutually beneficial cooperation of many different people. Even if each of them pursued his own goals, it was thanks to their joint efforts that the boundaries of human perception were systematically expanding. Everything so that in the end the world will become what we know it today.

In the realities of the modern world, crowdfunding has become one of the most popular and popular ways to unite people interested in fruitful cooperation with each other. A phenomenon thanks to which, even without having large capital at hand, everyone has the opportunity to invest in the development of projects or organizations that are interesting to him, in order to benefit from this in the future.

By pooling their money and any other resources, people form communities whose influence is not inferior to the influence of large single investors. Due to this, conditions are created under which, having even a small amount, a person is able to support an interesting project, and possibly push one or another branch of business, science or culture to further development.

The development of the cryptocurrency industry has become the starting point for a new stage in the formation of «crowdfunding». With the advent of  ICOs, and other types of initial offering, the crowdfunding market has expanded and evolved with tools that have forever changed the way traditional investing is viewed.

Instead of shares or other types of benefits, projects began to offer investors tokens, the cost of which, although it fluctuated greatly, allowed people to increase their investments. By creating their own digital assets, many startups and organizations have been able to raise pre-negotiated funding in exchange for providing their investors with an opportunity to generate returns in excess of this, but obtained by investing in the traditional sense.

This was achieved due to the fact that each of the people who invested their funds chose the time to sell their assets. Sales in a very volatile market, where the value of tokens was growing due to the growing interest from the specialized community, crypto enthusiasts and everyone who followed the development of projects that offered these tokens, tried to speed up the outflow. exercise as soon as possible, and manage to benefit yourself.

The cryptocurrency market has grown and developed, offering economical investors more and more opportunities to leverage their wealth. With a fairly low threshold for minimum investment, the crypto market has become an excellent way to earn capital, while having an amount that is probably available to everyone. So, for example, having made a profitable investment of only fifty or one hundred dollars, the investor can eventually dispose of his assets so that his profit would be three hundred, five hundred or even a thousand dollars. However, this was far from the limit.

It is likely that due to the growing attention from the part of society that remained far from cryptocurrencies, this new market would continue to grow systematically, helping to develop and crowdfunding. But the euphoria has passed, and the scammers who captured the cryptocurrency market helped her a lot.

Phishing, social engineering, a decrease in the quality of projects offered to investors or an outright exit of the latter. All this caused a decrease in public interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Whatever the specific reason, they all, to one degree or another, caused the players to leave the market in order to raise it to the top. Each new scam brought painful losses, discouraged investors from participating in investment crypto projects and, as a result, tore off the capitalization of a still very young market those parts that were important for its development. Among people far from the industry, fraudsters have a strong opinion that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are not a new milestone in the history of the development of finance and technology, but a breeding ground for scammers, on which it is a priori impossible to make money.

At this pace, albeit with interruptions for short periods of hype, during which the market will again try to attract the attention of ordinary people and grow, the crypt will remain a small closed community with a constantly decreasing capitalization. If nothing is done, then one day we will simply outlive ourselves, without having achieved any development, or acceptance, and even more so — intelligible regulation. The very one, under the auspices of which respectable members of the cryptocurrency community could not worry that their interests will be relegated to the background, or even completely ignored.

2. ToGETher is a game-changing crowdfunding platform

ToGETher is a new generation crowdfunding platform that offers its services to both traditional (professional and amateur) investment projects, as well as projects from the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Bringing together people who are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, we create an environment in which each of our applicants can feel safe and not worry that the funds offered by them will fall into the hands of fraudsters and will be lost forever.

Gathering like-minded people, we strive to create a platform that enjoys the trust and respect of the community, the placement of which will not only be a beneficial step in development for projects, but also a gesture that speaks of the seriousness and reliability of their intentions. A platform that will awaken people’s interest in traditional crowdfunding, and rehabilitate in their eyes the cryptocurrency market, which many associate with lawlessness and fraudsters.

Regulation and its lack is a cornerstone in disputes between representatives of the cryptocurrency community. Some are confident that government intervention in the management of this market will lead to a drop in the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies as an investment and trading instrument. Others insist that without proper regulation that can protect the interests of a potential consumer, this market will not attract the attention of either retail, let alone institutional investors, whose efforts could multiply both the attractiveness and capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Each of the above parties law. Therefore, ToGETher is ready to offer the community a comprehensive compromise solution aimed at both increasing the investment attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market and protecting the interests of each of its players.

The basic idea is that we should not rely entirely on the state for regulation. The cryptocurrency community is itself capable of regulating relations in its market. The only problem is that this market is actually illegal, making it impossible to suppress many fraudulent activities. That’s right, and it is not always possible to return the stolen funds to the victims of these actions.

There are no laws. But this does not in the least negate the possibility of introducing certain rules into the relationship algorithm, non-observance of which will entail previously agreed consequences. But how do you spread the impact of these rules throughout the market? How to achieve the promised protection if there are simply no laws protecting the interests associated with the theft of cryptocurrency, or they do not work well?

The answer is much closer than it sounds. We don’t need to impose our rules on the entire market. A small oasis is enough, to which everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of their investments will instinctively strive. This oasis will be TOGETHER.

Speaking of protection, we do not have to hold fraudulent projects accountable precisely for stealing cryptocurrency. It is much easier to achieve a positive outcome of the litigation if the company is involved in violation of a contract concluded with it in advance. User agreement, the content of which will include signs and situations, focusing on which the community and our platform will be able to make an unambiguous conclusion about the unfairness of the project. Violation of this agreement is tantamount to non-compliance by the project recognized as a “scam” of its obligations to the crowdfunding platform ToGETher. Based on this violation, we go to court with the requirement to bring the fraudsters to justice and recover compensation from them in accordance with the “forfeit” stipulated in the agreement. At the same time, the investors of the project recognized by the scam receive their investments back, at the expense of the internal insurance fund ToGETher.

Clearing the cryptocurrency market from fraudsters is a global and, at this stage, almost impossible task. But thanks to the ToGETher initiative, the crypto community will be able to take a confident step towards achieving this goal.

Every big journey starts with a small step. So the recovery of the cryptoasset market will begin with the creation of a small platform, free from the influence of scammers, the effectiveness of which will directly depend on your desire to “not be a victim of deception”.

ToGETher is a crowdfunding platform created to change the rules of the game forever.

3. Crowdfunding

It is believed that the term crowdfunding appeared in 2006, at the same time as the term crowdsourcing, and was coined by Jeff Howie. However, the birth of a term is by no means the birth of the phenomenon itself. The precedents happened long before Howie dubbed the process “crowdfunding”. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the construction of the Statue of Liberty in New York — all this is just a small part of what came into being thanks to “public funding”.

But even in spite of precedents, crowdfunding became a truly massive phenomenon only with the advent and subsequent development of the Internet. For example, the first example of «popular funding» carried out through the World Wide Web is the organization of the tour of the rock band Marillion in 1997. It is also noteworthy that the fundraising campaign itself was carried out by the efforts of fans alone, without any involvement from the group itself. As a result, about $ 60,000 was raised.

After a series of successful implementations in non-profit, cultural and social projects, crowdfunding has shown itself in the field of financing local businesses and startups. Thus, “crowdfunding” made a step towards commercial projects, thanks to which enterprises that were unable to obtain financing in the usual way, through investments or loans, got a chance for implementation.

There are two main categories into which crowdfunding can be classified:

— By the purpose of the project (business project, creative, political, social)

— By type of remuneration for sponsors (no remuneration (donation), non-financial remuneration, financial remuneration (Crowdinvesting))

If everything is very clear with the first of the categories, then the second one should dwell in a little more detail.

Reward model: No reward.

A donation, which implies that the party that received the money does not have any financial obligations to the party that offered the same money. A form of crowdfunding that is most often used in social, political, environmental and medical projects. Such as, for example, raising funds for expensive treatment, or sponsoring the activities of charitable organizations.

Reward model: Non-financial remuneration.

A form of crowdfunding used in both simple creative and complex technology projects. Its main feature is the receipt of non-financial remuneration by sponsors, expressed in the receipt of a product for the creation of which money is collected. Whether it’s a ticket to a concert, one of the first devices created by a startup, an autographed copy of a book, and much more, from what the author of the project can offer, depending on the direction of his activity.

Reward model: Financial reward.

Financial reward or crowdinvesting. A form of crowdfunding in which the sponsor receives a financial reward in exchange for their support. It is divided into three types:

— Royalty

— People’s lending (crowdfunding)

— Equity crowdfunding

The Royalty model implies a continuation of the form of non-financial remuneration, with only one conceptual difference from it — in addition to non-financial bonuses and various incentives, the sponsor (investor) receives a share of the income or profit of the financed project.

Crowdlanding is a form of crowdinvesting in which individuals or legal entities can receive loans from other individuals. The main advantage of the lender is the ability to provide loans to projects in a wide range of areas, and at higher rates. The borrower, on the other hand, benefits from lower rates and convenience in obtaining a loan.

Equity crowdfunding is a form of crowdfunding where the investor receives part of the property, shares of the company, dividends or the right to vote at general meetings of shareholders as a reward.

Attracting investments by distributing digital assets (tokens) among investors can be perceived as a new form of crowdinvesting, combining elements of crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding (in cases where the ownership of tokens implies that the investor receives dividends). Based on this, we can say with confidence that attracting investments by offering individuals digital assets of a company (ICO, IEO) is not some isolated phenomenon, but nothing more than a new form of crowdfunding.

3.1 Crowdfunding in Russia. History and trends.

The very first crowdfunding platform launched in Russia was “C мира по нитке”, well known to many for its history of raising funds for the installation of a monument to Steve Jobs in Novosibirsk. The site was launched in 2010, but already in 2015 — «С мира по нитке» ceased its activities, arguing that the project itself was nothing more than a social experiment aimed at testing whether crowdfunding would become a noticeable economic phenomenon.

In the summer of 2012, two largest sites in the country were launched with a difference of a couple of months: planeta.ru and boomstarter. And by 2015, the total revenue of these two sites exceeded 354 million rubles.

2015 was the year of the peak of the economic crisis. But even despite the difficulties, the crowdfunding market, although it slowed down, did not stop developing. In the first quarter alone, more than 1,500 projects were launched, in the financing of which almost 20 thousand people took part. More than 57 million rubles were invested through their efforts.

The rate of development of crowdfunding in Russia is incomparable with the rate of development of typical foreign platforms. None of the existing domestic sites have been able to reach the level of the world famous Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. And this is a problem that ToGETher hopes to solve by focusing not only on traditional crowdfunding, but also on cryptocurrency blockchain projects.

As RusBusinessConsulting reports with reference to the Central Bank, the total volume of the Russian crowdfunding market (for the period for three quarters of 2019) amounted to 5.2 billion rubles, which is more than 40% lower than the result for the same period in 2018. Thus, according to the Central Bank, the largest segment of the crowdfunding market, namely P2b lending (investor is an individual, borrower is a legal entity), in 2019 showed an increase to 4.1 billion rubles. This was followed by a slight increase. recorded in the segment of crowdfunding awards. It amounted to 3 million rubles (from 129 million to 132 million rubles).

This is where the positive dynamics ended. P2p lending fell to 80.6 million rubles, which was a 70% drop from last year’s figure (268 million rubles). The loss in the b2b lending segment was more than 80%. If in 2018 its volume was 4.4 billion rubles, then in 2019 this value became equal to 860 million rubles.

The dynamics are disappointing, but by no means a failure. Indeed, for the past several years, the market for «public funding» has been steadily growing and developing. Even the 2015 financial crisis could not stop this process.

It is also important that, like any other market, crowdfunding is going through periods of ups and downs. But even they are not able to stop it, albeit slow, but confident development in our country. Therefore, it is natural to assume that after some time, the market situation will change again. This time — for the better.

Based on all of the above, it is safe to conclude that “crowdfunding” is a lucrative niche that has not yet reached its development limit. Therefore, a crowdfunding platform is a demanded promising product that will be in demand and bring a confident income.

4. Initial coin supply. IEO, ICO and STO as crowdfunding tools for financing local businesses and startups. History and trends

The first in the history of the cryptocurrency market, the initial offer of coins was the Mastercoin project, which was launched in 2013. The token sale resulted in an investment of $ 500,000, which was quite an impressive result at that time.

However, the project did not stop there. And already in 2014, Mastercoin completed its ICO raising more than $ 5 million, which by personal example proved the efficiency of the model of attracting investments through the “initial coin offering” and thereby paving the way for many other ICO projects.

The next important step for the formation of the “Initial coin offering” was the birth of Ethereum. A network that has greatly simplified the process of creating tokens, and further pushed the spread of ICOs as a tool for attracting investments. The initial offer of Ethereum itself ended after the project reached an amount of $ 18 million, which, of course, could not fail to attract attention from both the public and many other companies. At its peak ($ ​​1,400), ETH brought investors over 500,000 percent of the return.

ICOs have become really popular. Having proved itself from the best side, this form of attracting investments has helped to obtain financing for many diverse projects. Between 2014 and 2016 alone, initial proposals resulted in over $ 300 million in fees.

2017 was a special year for the ICO market. Amid bitcoin’s skyrocketing growth, demand for “primary coin supply” has stepped far beyond healthy interest. Every month, dozens of different token sales were held, resulting in fees in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the hype ended as suddenly as it began.

With the fall of bitcoin, the market has stepped into a phase that experts have dubbed «cryptocurrency winter.» The success rate of token sales has dropped significantly. Many of them were unable to collect even the minimum amount declared for the start.

The market crash was predictable, since no growth can last forever. The enthusiasts driven to the market by the hype were hastily selling their cryptocurrencies, trying to fix at least a part of the profit, which until recently was incessantly repeated by the various media.

But the fall in bitcoin was not the only problem in the market. Attracted by unprecedented opportunities and de facto impunity, fraudsters have become more active. Disappearing with the collected funds, they left behind only investors disappointed with losses, many of whom, subsequently, left the crypto market forever.

The market dump was expected and natural. Based on the logical conclusion that no asset can grow indefinitely, and with which one could still try to come to terms. But the scammers, by their actions, tarnished the reputation of the entire crypto community, convincing the public that this market carries nothing but losses and deception. It was the scammers who caused the birth of the prejudice, the existence of which, to this day, greatly inhibits the development and acceptance of the entire cryptocurrency industry by society.

Despite all of the above, attracting investment through the sale of tokens is still in demand. Multi-tier startups still offer their digital assets to interested investors. And this proves once again that the ICO model is still in demand for financing local businesses and startups.

People need a guarantor. A compelling reason to trust the projects coming out on the “initial offer”. This necessity becomes the basis under the influence of which the ICO will inevitably change. Such token sale models as IEO and STO are in use.

However, they are not a guarantee that the investor will not be a victim of fraud. If the STO format is rather inconvenient due to the high monetary costs of conducting, possible restrictions for investors and the delaying bureaucratic red tape, IEO is only a half-measure, the only guarantor of which is the possible reputational risks that the exchange bears. Thus, the chances of becoming a victim of scammers vary from one exchange to another, depending on its position in the market.

But even a guarantee from a large exchange does not guarantee that the project of which you are the token holder will not fall apart faster than you can get the first profit. Therefore, this model is more suitable for traders who need to work with a coin during the hype period. Subsequently, such a token can sink to the very bottom and turn into a spent scam.

As a crowdfunding tool, “initial coin offerings” have great potential. Even despite the market decline, in the first quarter of 2018, the total collection of ICO projects amounted to $ 4.9 billion, in the fourth quarter of 2018 — $ 1.4 billion, and in the first quarter of 2019 — $ 1 billion.Let the dynamics of recent years inspire doubts, but do not forget that since 2014 more than $ 26 billion of investments have been attracted with the help of ICOs.

As a proven investment model, Initial Coin Offering must step into the future and redefine itself. Become something else. Not as cumbersome and time-consuming as STO, but not as superficial and unreliable as IEO.

Above all, being a model for attracting investments, any ICO should be carried out with the participation of a crowdfunding platform, whose task is to regulate the relationship between investors and applicant projects. This is the only way to create an environment in which the rights and interests of either side will not be violated.

5. Basics of cooperation with ToGETher

ToGETher is a crowdfunding platform that offers its services to both cryptocurrency blockchain projects and projects from any other spheres of business, science or culture. We are ready to work not only with startups and firms, but also with individuals in need of raising funds for the implementation of personal projects (comics, art, design, dance, video, games, journalism, technology, publishing, acting, music, photography, cinema, etc.); with non-profit organizations attracting donations to finance their activities; charitable foundations collecting funds for solving any specific problems (assistance to victims of natural disasters; payment for expensive treatment; restoration of residential areas and cultural monuments; assistance to orphanages, shelters for the homeless, animal nurseries, etc.).

Anyone can post their project on our platform and absolutely for free. Payment is charged only when purchasing additional options and services from the platform, the connection of which is not a prerequisite for the placement of projects and their subsequent attraction of financing.

Upon successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, ToGETher charges a commission from the projects in the amount of 1% to 5% of the collected amount (excluding commissions of payment systems), depending on the cooperation model chosen by the authors of the project. This money is used to fund ToGETher’s insurance fund, maintain the platform, and pay for other operating expenses. In the event of a failure of a crowdfunding company, the fact of the presence or absence of commission fees directly depends on the model of cooperation specified by the authors when the project is placed.

First of all, ToGETher is a platform that divides all published projects into two main types:

— Traditional crowdfunding

— Crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies

Traditional crowdfunding is the attraction of financing by projects using only fiat funds. Includes cooperation models such as:

+ No reward

+ Non-financial reward

+ Crowdinvesting

Transactions between the authors and the community go directly, so ToGETher does not give guarantees of a refund in cases where the project did not achieve the stated goals, or achieved, but for some reason refused to fulfill its obligations to the community. To discuss options for returning the deposited deposit, please contact directly the representatives of the project team (traditional crowdfunding).

5.1 Collaboration: No remuneration

The model of cooperation “No remuneration” is available for charities, non-profit organizations and individuals. If with the first two — everything is extremely simple, then cooperation with individuals is possible only on condition that the funding they attract is not directed to the creation / development of a business, the creation and monetization of intellectual property or content.

In the case of individuals, this model should be used as an opportunity to create a clearly defined “online piggy bank” that will be replenished by other users, provided that the page of the project you have created will be of interest to them. The purposes of such a «piggy bank» can be: buying gifts for various celebrations, going on vacation, paying for school and much, much more. The effectiveness of such a project directly depends on the frequency and quality of the updates you provide. The duration of a crowdfunding campaign can be up to twelve months. The number of companies run by one user is unlimited.

Under the No Reward collaboration model, all published projects are funded according to the All Remains algorithm. In this case, the authors receive all the funding attracted from the community, even if the result of the crowdfunding campaign is less than the declared amount. In turn, ToGETher charges such projects a commission of 1% of the amount collected — for charitable foundations and non-profit organizations; 3% of the amount of fees — for individuals.

We strive to create a community where people will not be indifferent to other people’s problems and desires. By spending a dollar on one person’s dream, you will awaken their faith in people and motivate them to help someone else later. One or two dollars — what is a trifle, a trifle for you, can be an important invaluable support for someone else. Remember this.

Coming together — we turn dreams into reality.

5.2 Collaboration: Non-Financial Rewards

The “Non-Financial Rewards” model is available to individuals who raise funding for brand creation or personal projects in the fields of music, games, video, journalism, publishing, art and many others; start-ups engaged in the development of technologies or the production of multidisciplinary devices; any other types of projects, the end result of which should be the creation of a conceptually new product.

A reward can be either a product produced by a project or a product purchased on the secondary market, provided that:

— This product does not belong to the prohibited list.

— This product was listed on the project page, in the list of rewards, from the very beginning of the crowdfunding campaign.

Individuals are financed in accordance with the “Everything remains” algorithm, according to which the author of the project receives all the collected funds, regardless of whether he managed to attract the entire amount or not. ToGETher charges a commission equal to 3% of the amount of attracted funding (excluding the commission of the payment system) and does not bear any responsibility if the authors of the project did not achieve the desired result or refused to fulfill their obligations to the community.

Funding for startups is carried out in accordance with the “All or Nothing” algorithm, according to which the authors of the project receive the collected funds only if the crowdfunding campaign is successfully completed (the declared amount was collected within the allotted time). ToGETher charges a commission equal to 4% of the amount of attracted funding (excluding the commission of the payment system) and does not bear any responsibility if, after a successful campaign, the authors of the project did not achieve the desired result or simply refused to fulfill their obligations to the community. The ToGETher platform reserves the right to refuse to place projects, among the team members of which there will be people who were previously noticed in default of their obligations to contributors.

A trusting relationship is the basis of any fruitful cooperation. By fulfilling your commitments to the community, you will not only show respect for the people who support you, but you will also earn a reputation that will positively affect the funding of your future projects. Do not trade prospects for one-time benefits.

5.3 Collaboration: Crowdinvesting

The “Crowdinvesting” model is available for financing start-ups, lending to small and medium-sized businesses, and attracting investments for the needs of large commercial organizations.

Funding for startups is carried out in accordance with the “All or Nothing” algorithm, according to which the authors of the project receive investments only if the crowdfunding campaign ended by attracting the declared amount within the allotted time. ToGETher charges a commission equal to 3% of the amount of the attracted funding (excluding the commission of the payment system) and does not bear any responsibility if, after the fundraising, the authors of the project did not achieve the desired result or simply refused to fulfill their obligations to the community.

Financing of small and medium-sized businesses (not startups) is carried out in accordance with the “All or nothing” algorithm, according to which the authors of the project receive the collected funds only if the crowdfunding company has completed the collection of the entire declared amount for a predetermined period. ToGETher charges a commission equal to 4% of the amount of the attracted funding (excluding the commission of the payment system) and does not bear any responsibility if, after the fundraising, the authors of the project did not achieve the desired result or simply refused to fulfill their obligations to the community.

Funding for large commercial organizations is carried out in accordance with the «All or nothing» algorithm, according to which the authors of the project receive attracted investments only if the crowdfunding campaign collects the declared amount for the period allotted for its attraction. ToGETher charges a commission equal to 5% of the amount of the attracted funding (excluding the commission of the payment system) and does not bear any responsibility if, after the fundraising, the authors of the project did not achieve the desired result or simply refused to fulfill their obligations to the community.

If you cannot decide on the choice of a cooperation model or you think that your project does not fit any of the above definitions — contact us! Our experts will study your project and offer you the optimal cooperation algorithm for your idea!


In the event that the authors of the above types of projects fail to fulfill their obligations or an open exit scam of the latter, we strongly recommend that you inform us about it. Our specialists will contact the project representatives and understand the situation. If the fact of fraud is confirmed, ToGETher undertakes to provide investors with all the information we have on the scam project and its team, so that the community representatives can draw up a class action lawsuit and go to court.

In turn, ToGETher reserves the right to refuse to post projects among the team members of which persons who have previously been caught both in default of their obligations to the community and in outright fraud will be noticed. Moreover, such persons will be included in a special “list of fraudsters” available for review by both guests and users of the platform.

5.4 User verification

Please note that your use of any of the above cooperation models implies your willingness to undergo KYC (know your customer) verification and provide us with your personal information for processing. Starting a fundraising company without verifying your identity will be impossible.

For projects of individuals, verification is required directly by the author. For startups, confirmation of the identity of the author (CEO) of the project and at least 30% of the team declared on the project page is required. In the case of crowdfunding campaigns conducted by representatives of small / medium-sized businesses, large commercial and non-profit organizations, the CEO of the project and at least half of the team declared on the project page are subject to mandatory verification.

Remember! The more your team members prove their identity, the more trust you will gain from potential investors.

From users of the platform who do not conduct crowdfunding campaigns and are engaged only in communication or funding projects, identity verification through KYC verification is not required.

5.5 Cryptocurrency crowdfunding

Cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaigns are available for individuals, nonprofits and charities, startups, small / medium businesses, and large commercial organizations.

In the case of individuals, this model implies the creation of a “crypto-piggy bank” with a clearly defined goal, which will be replenished by other users. The goals of such a «piggy bank» can be: buying gifts for various celebrations, going on vacation, paying for school, buying a car / apartment, receiving donations and much, much more. The effectiveness of such a project directly depends on the frequency and quality of the updates you provide.

The duration of a crowdfunding campaign can be up to twelve months. The number of companies simultaneously held by one user is unlimited. The goals of this type of financing cannot be the creation / development of a business, or the creation and monetization of intellectual property, content. This type of cooperation does not secure any financial obligations to the community, to the author of the campaign.

When using this model, all “piggy banks” published by individuals are financed according to the “Everything remains” algorithm. Authors receive all community funding, even if the crowdfunding campaign results in less than the stated amount. In turn, ToGETher charges such projects a commission of 2% of the amount of fees (excluding network commission).

Funding for non-profit and charitable organizations is based on the principle “Everything remains”. Authors receive all donated funds, except for the 1% commission charged by ToGETher (excluding network commission), regardless of the results of the campaign. Money is collected on our platform and transferred to the author of the project after the expiration of the funding period.

Attraction of investments for startups, representatives of small / medium-sized businesses and large commercial organizations occurs through ICO, STO or IEO.

By adding their project to ToGETher, the authors sign a contract with our platform containing a list of signs and rules, focusing on the inconsistency and non-compliance with which, our specialists will be able to unequivocally declare the project’s unfairness. In return, we provide such projects with a listing on our platform, and in cases where, for one reason or another, the authors suddenly cannot fulfill their obligations, we guarantee their investors a full return on investment (refunds are calculated in USD, at the exchange rate at the time of completion investments).

Such a guarantor will greatly distinguish the projects cooperating with us from the general mass and will significantly increase the trust in them from the community, which, of course, will have a positive effect on the financing result.

The process of attracting investments is carried out without our participation, by the project itself or by its exchange (in the case of IEO). Cryptocurrencies go directly to the smart contract used by the authors of the project to conduct a round of funding, excluding any intermediation through our platform.

Also, according to the contract concluded with us, in case of successful completion of the token sale (softcap is reached), the project is obliged to pay our platform a commission of 3% of the total amount of fees, calculated in USD at the exchange rate at the time of completion of ICO / STO / IEO. Failure to fulfill this obligation entails the removal of the project from the ToGETher platform and our appeal to the court, with the requirement to recover from the violator the forfeit stipulated in the contract.

To be listed on our platform, projects must pass KYC verification. The CEO of the startup and at least 50% of the members of the team indicated on the project page must confirm their identity.

After the completion of the token sale, the project is obliged to provide us with a complete list of investors, containing such information as:

— Nickname on the project website

— E-mail address

— The address of the cryptocurrency wallet specified in the personal account

— Investment amount (amount and link to the transaction)

— Number of tokens sent (amount and transaction link)

This is required so that, if it is necessary to conduct a return on investment at the expense of our insurance fund, our specialists can contact all participants in the initial placement, and have all the necessary data in order to know exactly which of the users should receive their investments. back. Also, this information will be used to determine the dollar equivalent of each specific investment at the time of its execution.

This cooperation model guarantees the protection of the interests of investors, which significantly increases their interest in projects published on the ToGETher platform and reduces the likelihood of the latter being scammed. In contrast to the laws allowing to attract a project for fraud with cryptocurrencies — the practice of litigation between companies based on the violation of one of the parties to the previously concluded agreements — has a rich history and is widespread in many countries of the world. This approach will allow us to prevent a scenario in which attackers will go unpunished and quietly disappear with other people’s money.

Also, this model of cooperation is beneficial for those interested in attracting funding for projects. A special community based on our money back guarantee will be a good trigger to increase the amount of funds raised. In addition, analytics from representatives of our platform will be a good way to convince anxious investors of the likely haste of their conclusions, which will maintain an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding between the authors of projects and the part of the community interested in their activities.

In the future, investors with positive experience of cooperation with our platform will try to support only those projects that are hosted with us. This will become one of the reasons for the systematic growth of demand for ToGETher services, as well as a significant increase in trust in all projects hosted on our platform.

ToGETher is a reliable friend and helper in making your desires come true.

5.6 Requirements for projects

In order for potential investors to appreciate your proposed projects at their true worth, when you design it, you, as authors, must adhere to certain rules:

— Among the members of your team, there should be no people who have nothing to do with the project. It doesn’t cost our specialists anything to find out the real experience and contacts of the persons indicated by you as members of the team, just as to clarify with them whether they know about your existence. (There are cases when experts from different fields, without knowing it, turn out to be important figures in teams of various unscrupulous projects).

— Authors must have a clear vision of the development of their projects and be frank about the results they intend to achieve. Do not be silent about possible problems and try to think through all possible scenarios. Even if now they seem fantastic to you.

— Any distortion of facts is prohibited. The video and photo of the product you offer must correspond to its real state. It is forbidden to use any kind of filters or demonstrate the work of functionality that is not yet available.

— After the publication of the project, it is prohibited to change the vector of its development and goals. For a qualitative assessment of the potential of your idea, the community must know exactly where you are moving. It will not work to raise funds and then give the community an “anyhow” product. Be true to your promises.

The above requirements are not final. The ToGETher team reserves the right to edit and supplement this list, in accordance with personal opinions.

* The above requirements do not apply to crowdfunding companies launched by individuals under the cooperation model: No remuneration.

5.7 List of items prohibited from use as rewards

The reward / gratitude for helping the project can NOT be:

— Weapons, their copies or related accessories.

— Nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related paraphernalia.

— Drugs.

— Pornography.

— Materials or paraphernalia that promote discrimination or intolerance towards marginalized groups.

— Live animals.

— Alcohol.

— Perishable foodstuffs.

— Genetically modified organisms.

— Repackaged product previously created by the project, if it was not declared as a reward from the very beginning of the crowdfunding campaign.

— Offensive content.

— Any item requiring preliminary diagnostics or certification (medicines, food additives, etc.).

5.8 Procedure for the procedure for return on investment at the expense of the ToGETher insurance fund

By adding their project to ToGETher, the authors sign a contract with our platform containing a list of features, rules and requirements, focusing on the inconsistency and non-compliance with which, our specialists will be able to unequivocally judge the unfairness of the project. In return, we provide such projects with a listing on our platform, and in cases where, for one reason or another, the authors suddenly cannot fulfill their obligations, we guarantee their investors a full return on investment (refunds are calculated in USD, at the exchange rate at the time of completion investments).

— All participants of the token sale can count on a refund, regardless of whether they are token holders at the time of the announcement of the payment or not.

— The return on investment applies only to the part of the tokens that investors acquired during one of the types of initial offer. Assets purchased after the completion of the token sale, from exchanges or third parties, are not taken into account when calculating the return amount.

— Token holders who are not related to the token sale and who received their tokens on the exchange or through third parties are not entitled to a return on investment.

— The return on investment is paid in ETH, at a fixed rate, at the time the ToGETher platform announces the start of payments.

— Payments are made to the addresses of cryptocurrency wallets specified by investors in their personal accounts, on the ICO website. In the case of IEO, payments go to the exchange wallets that took part in the initial offer.

Before declaring a project a scam, we carefully study all available information and negotiate with the team in order to exclude the possibility of slander and not make premature conclusions. Of course, we take into account the fact that the market situation can significantly shift the real terms of the project, just like the timing of the individual events indicated in the roadmap. Therefore, we take into account not only punctuality in achieving the goals set, but also the very fact that the team has taken any steps towards fulfilling its obligations.

If a project proves that it still has the drive and ability to deliver on the promises made to its community, then we vouch for it and continue to monitor its development. If the fact of fraud or the lack of the team’s ability to fulfill its obligations is proven, we go to court and demand to recover from the project a forfeit agreed in advance, arguing this is not fraud with cryptocurrencies, but non-compliance with the contract concluded with our platform. At the same time, the return on investment begins to all participants in the token sale.

The above-mentioned contract contains a list of requirements, features and provisions, the non-compliance with which will allow our specialists to characterize the project in question as fraudulent. This agreement is concluded for a period of five years, after which the ToGETher platform considers all the obligations assumed by the applicant project fulfilled (if the project met the standards specified in the agreement). Return on investment after this period is not carried out.

In case of non-compliance with the provisions specified in the contract, deliberate delay in the development of the project and clear neglect of the team’s obligations, the ToGETher platform has the right to terminate its cooperation with the applicant project ahead of schedule and demand from its representatives the payment of a pre-agreed penalty, arguing that this is a violation of the provisions of the agreement concluded with our platform agreement. Also, by voting by users, the investors of the project in question can initiate its compliance check (no more than once every 4 months), according to the results of which ToGETher will have the right to make a decision on the early termination of the contract.

If the contract is completed ahead of time, our company carries out a return on investment and receives a penalty agreed in advance from the representatives of the scam project. In cases where the agreement is completed according to the specified deadline, our company ceases to be the guarantor of the return of funds, and the project is characterized as “successfully developing”.

Thus, we will receive not only a significant reduction in the influence of fraudsters in the environment of primary offers, but also significantly increase the overall level of projects conducting cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaigns. Our policy is complete trust in exchange for reasonable responsibility. We offer you a whole world of investors ready to support you, who risk nothing. And in return, we ask only that you think not only about your personal benefit, but also about the benefit of those who have shown you their trust.

5.9 Canceled projects

In cases where the authors of a cryptocurrency project come to the conclusion that they cannot fulfill their obligations, they have the right to personally declare their non-compliance and ask to terminate the contract concluded with them.

This procedure implies the willingness of the project representatives to return to the investors all the funds they have contributed, which indicates that the authors have no ulterior motives. Such a project, by definition, cannot be considered fraudulent.

If the authors of the project declare their non-compliance and return the funds received from them to the investors, the project is recognized as CANCELED. In relation to its authors, no penalties are applied, and the contract concluded with ToGETher is terminated, without the subsequent need to pay the penalty specified in the agreement.

6.0 Social side of ToGETher
ToGETher is not just a platform where users interested in each other gather. First of all, We are an international community based on the principles of mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. And like any other community, we have a voice. The ability to express your thoughts and emotions, share them with others and gather like-minded people around you.

Each of the registered users of the platform has a personal space. A page on which he can post photos, videos, or blog on any topic that interests him. Also, after passing KYC verification, these same pages can be monetized by opening online moneyboxes (including crypto moneyboxes), with which grateful subscribers will have the opportunity to support their favorite authors with donations.

The most popular bloggers will receive the status of “Opinion Leaders”, which will give them the right to additionally monetize their page, through the opportunity to offer their assistance to projects as advisors. The help itself can consist both in a simple joining of a blogger to the team in order to popularize their project, or in any other strong participation for a blogger in its development.

To maintain a personal blog, you do not need to undergo KYC verification. It will only be required if the user decides to monetize his account with the help of a piggy bank, selling goods and services, or obtaining the status of “Opinion Leader”.

You don’t need to be a well-known expert to become an influencer. Everyone can achieve recognition. It will not be experience or social status that will play a decisive role, but your ability to gather like-minded people who share your point of view around you. Keep your blog interesting, and you can easily compete with or even surpass eminent experts with a huge number of projects under your belt.

Projects placed on the ToGETher platform can have a wide variety of directions. Therefore, the topic of user-created blogs is not limited to financial technology alone. You can share news from various industries with subscribers, tell them about art, new music or cinema. A blog can be composed of articles on personal growth and motivation. The content may even be the recipes that interest you. In general, it can be anything that can interest other people and encourage them to follow your updates. The only exceptions are blogs about religion and blogs selling questionable goods and services, such as trading signals, financial trust, alcohol, drugs, and so on.

Why are we against blogging about religion? The problem is that records dedicated to the confession of one religion may be negatively perceived by adherents of other religions, which will inevitably lead to a huge number of unnecessary scandals and create an atmosphere of enmity between members of certain groups, within our community. In order not to hurt the feelings of any of the parties, for these purposes we suggest you use any other forums, blogs or social networks, within which religious debates are permitted by the administration of these resources.

Regarding blogs selling questionable goods and services, such transactions are allowed only in cases where the author of such a blog has passed KYC verification and provided data, using which users could go to court if the “seller” commits fraud. Also, the sale of these goods and services must not be contrary to the law (both in the country of the seller and in the country of the buyer).

Registered users have the right to vote for projects. The voice can be either positive or negative. Based on these votes, the average score of the investment project will be formed. By comparing this score with the feedback on the project, ToGETher specialists will have an idea of ​​the real community sentiment in relation to each of the startups.

6.1 Bloggers and advertisers on ToGETher

Advertising is the basis of any promotion. The more potential investors know about the existence of your project, the higher the chances that the crowdfunding campaign you initiated will be successful.

One of the most effective ways to increase project awareness is cooperation with popular youtube bloggers. But as practice shows, many of them find it difficult to negotiate with potential advertisers, because social networks and instant messengers are full of scammers posing as the owners of popular channels.

To help open for cooperation youtube bloggers and projects interested in the advertisements and reviews they offer, ToGETher proposes to use a “register for advertisers”. A special list, available to platform users, in which verified contact details of all owners of third-party blogs or youtube channels registered on our platform will be collected. This register will contain only a link to the blogger’s channel, its name and mail for commercial requests.

In order to be included in this list, you do not need to undergo KYC verification. It is enough that the e-mail for commercial inquiries specified by you in our database corresponds to that, but specified in your blog or youtube-channel. This is what advertisers will use to contact you. Also, in the description of your channel, on a permanent basis, a link to your page in ToGETher should be added. Then our specialists will be able to make sure that we are not dealing with a copycat, but with the real owner of the channel or blog.

In the event that a blogger verified according to the above algorithm expresses a desire to undergo KYC verification and expresses an intention to fill his page on our platform with content (duplication from the main blog / channel is allowed), we provide him with the “Opinion Leader” status ahead of schedule (youtube channels must have at least two thousand subscribers).

Attention! Responsibility for all materials published on users’ pages lies solely with the publishing authors. Administration ToGETher is not responsible for their content.

Offer not a product or service, but a comprehensive solution. Focusing on the above and thinking about the needs of users of our platform interested in the development of their blogs, we offer everyone the opportunity to promote their pages through advertising targeted at their target audience, promoted inside ToGETher. For these purposes, each registered user will have access to a personal advertising account, inside which it will be possible to connect the promotion of any of the publications already made, or create a completely new advertisement.

The target audience will be determined based on the interests indicated by users during registration, as well as the topics of the pages they track or sponsored projects. In addition, the target audience can be limited by specifying the desired age range, gender, geolocation or level of financial activity within the platform in the ad settings.

7.0 Features and Services. How the platform will make money.

To constantly replenish the insurance fund, pay for operating expenses, accumulate funds for subsequent scaling, promote our own token and pay salaries to employees of our platform, profit is needed.

At later stages of development, we will have the opportunity to use some of the deferred funds to invest in various assets offered by both cryptocurrency and traditional markets. Also, in the long term, as possible ways to increase capital, we are considering trading and medium-term or long-term investment in projects of interest to us.

The aforementioned opportunities will become available only after the platform earns sufficient capital, not relying on funds from the insurance fund. In the earlier stages, ToGETher will profit in the following ways:

— Personal piggy bank of the platform. Serves to receive donations made by users for the development of ToGETher.

— Commissions received from closing user money boxes.

— Commissions received after the completion of crowdfunding campaigns.

— Income from advertising user accounts.

— Penalties from cryptocurrency scam projects.

— Creation of advertising banners for projects. To order.

— Placement of advertising banners of projects on the main page of the platform (Cascade of alternating banners in the header of the site. Time is limited).

— Placement of advertising banners on secondary pages. Cascade in the ad block (Time is limited. The number of free ad spots will be known after the platform is fully launched).

— Fixing the links to the project in one of the thematic lists at the top positions. Example: “Category: Platforms”. Regardless of the rating, one of the top five lines will be the project that bought the fix in this list. (Time is limited. Mark «Sponsored»).

— Fixing links to the project in a special list “Ongoings” (Time is limited. Mark “Sponsored”).

— Fix the links to the project in the special list «Upcoming projects» (Time is limited. Mark «Sponsored»).

— Conclusion of partnerships with projects posted on ToGETher. Placement of your project logo in the «Information partners» menu. If our specialists come to the conclusion that the project that bought this service no longer inspires confidence and openly neglects its obligations to investors (investors), we remove the previously placed logo. If the project, on the contrary, is developing successfully, we leave the logo for an indefinite period, or until the request to remove it from the representatives of the project.

— An interview with one of your team representatives. Text or video. Placement in the platform news block. (The price depends on the format).

— Announcement of the launch of a round of project financing in a special field for announcements on the platform’s website.

— Announcement of the launch of the project financing round in the platform news block and in the ToGETher social networks. (Text + Design). At our discretion, selectively, we announce some projects free of charge.

— Placing an informational post dedicated to your project on social networks ToGETher (Text + Design)

— Repost records from social networks of your project in the ToGETher network, with subsequent deletion. (Price depends on the time until removal).

— Registration and registration of social networks of your project (The price depends on the number of social networks).

— Maintaining social networks for your project.

— Drawing up a content plan / writing daily updates for your project’s social networks.

— Community management. Communication and consultation of your community in telegram or other messengers.

-Development of a marketing strategy. Help in choosing publications for PR promotion

— Promotion of brands and persons (writing articles on behalf of team representatives for their subsequent publication in news resources).

— Email marketing. Sending information about your project to the database of users registered on our platform. (The price depends on the selected package. The packages differ in the number of users).

— Creation of a logo for your project. …

— Creation of a corporate design for your project.

— Creation of a promo video for your project.

— Placing your project on the base of rating agencies and ico-calendars (Only for cryptocurrency projects).

— Website development for your project.

— Writing White Paper for your project.

— Consultations. Identification of problems in your project, search for solutions, drawing up a plan of further actions and recommendations.

— Translation of articles, texts of speeches, texts of sites, OnePager or White Paper for your project.

— Carrying out Bounty companies for your project.

— Writing smart contracts, applications or full technical support of the project. To order.

— Writing a blockchain according to the customer’s specifications.

— Income from the ToGETher affiliate program and other tools introduced later to help our users earn money.

Many of the services described above will be provided by partners of our platform, which will allow ToGETher to more profitably allocate its resources, work with a large number of projects at the same time and profit from intermediation. With the increase in the number of partners, the list of services offered by our platform will also expand.

8.0 Competitive advantages

Not a single domestic crowdfunding company has been able to reach the level of its popular foreign counterparts, such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. The probable reason for this lies in the weak interest of the Russian-speaking segment in such a phenomenon as “public funding”. Hence the low rates of development of this direction in Russia.

However, ToGETher has a number of advantages that make it stand out not only against the background of domestic crowdfunding platforms, but also among foreign counterparts.

We are a community with a strong social component. Inside ToGETher, you can not only sponsor projects, but also take direct part in them. Offer all possible help to the authors of the idea you like and, we are sure, they will not deny you your aspiration.

ToGETher is not just “thinking” about introducing the possibility of cooperation with cryptocurrency blockchain startups — for our team this is one of the fundamental directions in our activities. Crypto projects are just as important to us as the traditional crowdfunding initiatives. Thanks to this, our platform is not limited by the framework of only one Russian-speaking community. After all, the crypto community is not a separate state, but the whole world.

ToGETher provides its users with the opportunity to earn on content monetization by receiving donations from the community or direct sales. This is an opportunity that contributors and owners of diverse communities around the world will appreciate.

Targeting the cryptocurrency community will significantly increase ToGETher’s potential audience. The return on investment guarantee for users who are victims of fraudulent crypto projects will have an even stronger effect on the growth of interest in our platform.

The crowdfunding platform ToGETher provides a wide range of services that will help you assess the potential of your project, determine the vector of its development, help in the implementation of current tasks or make it better known among potential investors. We are interested in you and your idea not only finding a response among people, but also becoming truly successful.

The number of services we offer directly depends on the partnership agreements concluded by the company. This means that ToGETher can become more famous and profit from the growing interest from projects seeking funding. The more such projects there are, the more third-party companies will want to become our partners and use our mediation.

Cooperating with cryptocurrency startups, we offer them a whole world of protected from losses, ready to invest, investors. And in exchange for that, we ask you to take on only a fraction of the reasonable responsibility. We do not set ourselves the goal of creating conditions for crypto projects under which they will surely humble themselves, so that we can receive the penalty relying on the agreement. This outcome does not bring benefits either to us or to the investors who have trusted the startup. All of us, first of all, are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, the result of which may turn out to be much higher profit than that obtained through legal proceedings. Moreover, any of the projects financed through our platform, in cases where its authors come to the conclusion that they cannot fulfill their obligations, such startups have the right to independently return the investments attracted from them to users, after which the contract with them will be terminated without consequences. This is a reasonable agreement, which in no way contradicts the interests of projects aimed at development and results. Thus, ToGETher is a platform that stops scammers and creates the best conditions for the successful development of your idea.

ToGETher doesn’t just raise funds by promising investors some kind of profit in the foreseeable future. We offer an already active smart contract, which will become an excellent tool for our depositors to generate unlimited income. Join and start earning at the same moment.

Based on all of the above, I can say with confidence that ToGETher, in its plans, has gone much further than competitive domestic platforms or their foreign counterparts. We are a next generation crowdfunding platform. A platform that has all the chances to take a leading position in the modern crowdfunding market.

9.0 Target audience

Who can benefit from our platform?

— Cryptocurrency investors who are tired of losing money in fraudulent projects and who want to safely increase their capital.

— Cryptocurrency startups that are interested in a successful round of funding and want to convince the community of their trustworthiness.

— Many diverse projects with very different target audiences aimed at raising funds using traditional crowdfunding models.

— Bloggers looking for advertisers.

— A lot of advertisers interested in promoting their goods and services.

— Owners of different types of communities from social networks.

— Subscribers of bloggers and communities who decided to duplicate their content on pages in ToGETher.

— Ordinary users who are interested in trying to keep their blog inside a platform with a diverse target audience and an easy-to-obtain, monetization opportunity.

— Ordinary users who are just interested in opening a personal, non-binding piggy bank and sharing their goals and dreams in it.

— Investors and sponsors, whose goals range from receiving simple human gratitude to financial gain.

— Diverse agencies providing marketing, development or legal support and looking for clients.

-Users interested in network marketing or those of them who already have harmonious structures and are looking for new ways to monetize them.

The above list is much more extensive than it might seem at first glance. This will be achieved primarily due to the fact that ToGETher offers its services to representatives from various areas of business, science or culture. Whether it’s creating gadgets or drawing comics. Promotion of films and music or the development of new technologies. Charity or business scaling.

We are global, in every sense of this concept, a community. Therefore, if you have a goal and are ready to share it with others — ToGETher is a place where you will always be welcome. A place where you will always be surrounded by like-minded people.

10.0 Foundations and their purposes

Within ToGETher, there are two specialized funds, whose activities are aimed at maintaining the performance of our crowdfunding platform. Learn more about each of them.

Insurance fund — serves to accumulate and preserve funds with the help of which, if such a need arises, our platform will be able to return investments to those users who were deceived by the team of the cryptocurrency project, whose honesty was guaranteed by ToGETher. Contributions to this fund come from all types of income of our platform, including donations received from third parties or charitable contributions. The currency for paying refunds is ETH, but the fund itself consists of both fiat currencies and amounts in top cryptocurrencies.

Marketing fund — serves to accumulate funds for the development and promotion of the platform. This includes expenses such as social media marketing, development, negotiating agreements with partners, working with the media and bloggers and much more. Contributions to this fund come from all types of income of our platform, including donations received from third parties or charitable contributions. The fund consists of both fiat and top crypto currencies.

The wage fund — serves to accumulate funds to pay wages to platform employees and maintain them during periods of crisis for the markets.

Investment fund — serves to accumulate funds that will be used to increase through investment activities and exchange trading.

11.0 Problems of Other Cryptocurrency Projects

Why, despite interesting promising ideas, are many cryptocurrency projects doomed to fail?

It’s all about their attitude. A huge number of startups entering the ICO come to the cryptocurrency market in order to collect money from people to create / develop their business. And all would be fine, but only, offering investors their token, such startups do not even think about creating a suitable place for this very token within their projects. They believe that it is enough to promise hypothetical discounts on some services and this in itself will form an ecosystem within which their token will be in demand. Only now, investors invest in projects not in order to receive discounts and services, but in order to be able to profitably sell the asset purchased from a startup. But this is not possible. And it won’t.

Everything from the fact that in the priority table of the company that received funding, the development of the token sold to investors turns out to be somewhere at the very bottom of the list. Projects do not want to spend money on promoting something that is of no interest to themselves. Hence the endless shifts in the timing of the implementation of promises, listings received for the sake of «tick» on third-rate exchanges and a marketing company in which all the emphasis is on business promotion, but not a word is said about the token.

Such projects will never promote their token, not because for some reason they cannot do this, but because for themselves, this is a waste of funding. After all, they are not initially interested in the creation and development of their cryptocurrency. All they are interested in is the quick attraction of investments.

And this applies to absolutely all types of projects. Even if you are told about an already operating profitable business, a finished product or an explosive MVP with convincing tokenomics — if a startup is not ready to invest in the development of its cryptocurrency, then all of its above “advantages” are nothing more than an empty phrase. Such a project with a very high degree of probability will turn into a long-term construction, from which you, in the best of cases, will break even.

Any of the startups raising funding in the cryptocurrency market should be focused either on promoting their token, or declaring their intention to investors later to buy it from them at a fixed (above ICO) price. If the project you have chosen is not aimed at either the first or the second, then with a very high degree of probability, the asset you bought will be useless.

12.0 Eggs and baskets. Plans for the future

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A tip that is perfect not only for portfolio-building investors, but also for profit-oriented businesses whose owners do not want to be left on the sidelines by temporary market problems.

Any business needs to expand. And I’m not talking about a banal increase in the number of conveyors in some production. It’s about expanding your business presence. Its scaling. Increasing the range of products and services offered by your company. After spreading its influence on several different markets that are not directly related to each other, your company will not only stay afloat, in cases where a period of stagnation occurs in one of the niches, but will also continue to extract profit, important for the existence and subsequent development.

Thinking about the future and recognizing the need to further expand their zones of influence, ToGETher are already thinking about the likely ways of developing their business. Due to the specifics of our platform, for the sake of which we are dealing with projects of various types and directions, it will not be difficult for our team to choose the direction in which we decide to develop further. Taking promising amateur or professional projects under its wing, ToGETher can easily enter almost any existing market.

At the moment, looking at the trends of modern society, the following directions look promising: Production of our own line of smartphones or laptops; production of video cards and other components; writing antivirus programs; making video games or creating your own tech and finance news outlet. ToGETher does not limit their plans only to the directions mentioned above. The decision will be made on the basis of both the relevance of the chosen direction and the financial position of the company at the time of discussion of this step.

In addition to all of the above, in order to generate income, our company is considering options such as trading or medium-long-term investment in projects that are interesting to us. It is even possible that ToGETher will consider cooperation with specialized funds or hire experienced traders to implement these initiatives.

Throughout its existence, in any of the niches we have chosen for the development, ToGETher intend to focus on increasing brand awareness. This move will have a positive effect on the profitability of both our main activity and any other niches we have chosen to expand our presence.

13.0 Platform objectives

  1. Promote the development of crowdfunding.
  2. Countering fraudsters.
  3. Protecting the interests of investors operating on our platform.
  4. To help projects interested in attracting investment by offering them the support of a community interested in making a profit.
  5. Creation of a special zone within which users can safely invest, attract funding and monetize their skills.
  6. Offer users a list of different tools for earning funds within the platform.
  7. Reanimate the ICO model as a crowdfunding tool, through the pinpoint regulation of this phenomenon by the internal norms of the ToGETher community.
  8. To increase the rate of popularization of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the market built around them.
  9. Erase the line between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.
  10. To unite the investor community by offering them protection and the opportunity to receive compensation, thereby simplifying the task for quality projects intending to attract investment through our platform.
  11. Create a free online academy with materials useful for novice investors and traders. Offer users rewards for creating tutorials and video courses.
  12. Increase the level of financial literacy of users in order to protect them from fraudsters using social engineering.
  13. To create an insurance fund, the assets of which will be able to compensate for the losses of our users who are victims of exit scam.
  14. Create a decentralized exchange with the possibility of internal voting by selected users Yes» or «No» adding a specific asset.
  15. Create our own token in order to provide our users with even more opportunities for earning.
  16. Support innovative ideas.
  17. Make investing interesting, simple and affordable for everyone, regardless of their financial condition.

14.0 About how we attract investments. ToGETher affiliate program

To attract investments, we use a partner smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done in order to immediately offer our investors the opportunity and a tool to extract the unlimited benefits they deserve, and to focus on the implementation of all aspects of the project, without being distracted by creating demand for an asset, the value of which would directly depend on the performance and reputation of our crowdfunding platform. Looking ahead, let’s say that in the future, we plan to launch our own digital currency, and with it our own decentralized exchange.

Our smart contract solves several tasks at once. In addition to the fact that it is a way to attract investments and one of the first tools we offer for user earnings within our platform, due to its specificity, it will also serve as one of the sources of income, due to which we will begin to fill our insurance fund necessary to cover losses. victims of scam users. Without restrictions on the total amount of funds raised, the ToGETher Partner Program smart contract will continue to operate as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, which will allow our investors not to worry about the fact that they will no longer receive deserved income for helping our platform.

ToGETher Partner Program is a smart contract devoid of backdoors with the simplest possible logic. It allows our users to earn 50% of the contribution amount of each invited partner within the personal branch, another 50% of the contribution amount of each user brought by their partners, within the corporate branch, and another 50% of the contribution amount at the moment when the direct partner initiates reinvest. All payments are made automatically, at the very moment when your partner joins the project. The authors of the smart contract do not have access to your funds, cannot influence the logic of their distribution or steal. They, like all other users, only receive the deductions described in the logic of the code.

Reinvest is an event that occurs when every fourth partner is invited to your network. At this moment, you personally do not receive income. Half of it goes to our project, and the rest goes to the user who invited you. But don’t be upset. This omission is more than offset by reinvestments that your own partners later initiate.

To join the affiliate program, you must register by accessing one of the two corresponding functions of our smart contract. You can always familiarize yourself with it by clicking on the link:https://etherscan.io/address/0xc9a263cd8000b8e942ac2d7c3af073b645be4043

During registration, you need to make a donation, the funds from which will go to two recipients defined by the logic of the smart contract. At the time of this writing, the contribution amount is 0.12 ETH.

The program itself consists of two directions (branches). Under the terms of the Personal branch of our program, you will receive a part of the contributions of all the partners you invited, assigned for this branch. But every fourth partner is a reinvestment trigger. As part of this event, the income for this user is not received by you, but by the partner who invited you (the platform, if there are none). You, in turn, in the same way, receive contributions from every fourth referral invited by your partners. The more people indicate you when registering with their referrer, the more reinvestments you can receive.

According to the terms of the Corporate branch, the corresponding part of the contribution of each of your partners goes to the user who invited you to the program (platform, if there are none). All reinvestments within this branch receive the address of the owner of the smart contract. You also receive funds from the contributions of referrals brought by your invited partners.

Let’s give an example. You have invited a partner to the program. He made a donation equal to 0.12 ETH. This amount is divided in half. 0.06 ETH attributable to the Personal branch you receive (if this partner does not turn out to be a reinvestment trigger). And the rest of the amount, within the Corporate branch, is received by the user who invited you to the project. If the partner you referred is the fourth, eighth, twelfth and so on for you, then reinvest is activated. In this case, part of the funds for the Personal branch will be received by the person who invited you to the project, and the rest of the money will go to the author of the smart contract for the development of ToGETher.

We draw your attention to the fact that by inviting new partners, you increase the number of reinvestments of which you can become the recipient. In addition, in this way you create a network of users who will generate passive income for you.

With 100 invited partners, you will have a user base of 400 people. Every fourth of them will be a reinvestment trigger. There are 300 participants that will bring income exclusively to you (at the rate of 4 referrals for each personally your partner). With the donation amount equal to 0.12 ETH, we will receive 0.06 ETH attributable to the Corporate branch. 300 x 0.06 = 18 ETH passive income. At the time of writing, this amount is equivalent to $ 7960 or 580.500 rubles. It is also important that 100 people of reinvestment are your income in the conditions of the Personal branch. Thus, we add 0.06 x100 = 6 ETH additional income to the received amount. In total, 24 ETH only due to the activity of partners.

These figures are approximate. The real amount of income depends only on you and your partners. With a network of active members, you can easily earn much more.

Instructions for interacting with a smart contract:

Smart contract address:

Affiliate program presentation:


Raising funds

We use our smart contract to attract funding and create a committed community

Expanding the team

To implement our idea, experienced developers, specialists in legal matters and marketing support are needed.


The beginning of active marketing activities aimed at increasing the recognition of the project and helping our partners in the development of their business structures.

Creation of the social part of our platform

ToGETher is a social platform within which users will not only invest, but also interact with other users. Therefore, we plan to offer people the opportunity to create thematic communities, blogs. Add opportunities for their promotion and monetization. It is especially important for established and novice crypto bloggers whose videos and channels are deleted on YOUTUBE without explanation.

Creation of the crowdfunding part of the platform

Create, test and refine part of the crowdfunding part of our platform.

Creation of savings funds

Creation of funds, such as the Insurance Fund (compensation for users), Marketing Fund (for purposes aimed at promoting business, including international), Payroll Fund (to support employees) and Investment Fund (funds that will be used to increase through investment activities and exchange trading).

MVP presentation

Introduce a workable product to the community.

Company registration and obtaining all necessary licenses

Business registration, choice of jurisdiction, obtaining all necessary permits.

Full launch of the crowdfunding platform

Launch of the platform. Selection and listing of the first cryptocurrency projects. Getting started with fiat crowdfunding campaigns.

Conclusion of partnership agreements with companies providing services necessary for the authors of cryptocurrency projects (from token / blockchain development to full marketing support and listing on exchanges)

Conclusion of partnership agreements aimed at improving the quality of crowdfunding projects by offering them professional technical and marketing support.

Creating our own token

Creating our own token. Creation of demand for it through listings on other exchanges, conclusion of partnership agreements with other projects, marketing, integration into a crowdfunding platform and offering it as a means of payment for promoting projects and communities within the platform.

Creation of an online academy

Collecting materials, creating technical support, attracting authors and users interested in marketing and investments. Development of methods for the subsequent encouragement of their activity.

DEX development and launch

Development and launch of our own decentralized exchange, with the ability of users to vote “Yes” or “No the addition of certain assets, in order to provide traders with only those trading instruments that inspire their trust.

Creation of a crypto-fiat bank

Looking far ahead, we have a plan to create a dedicated international bank dealing with both crypto assets and traditional currencies.



16.0 Limitation of Liability

The information in this document describes the current and future developments of the ToGETher crowdfunding platform. This document is for informational purposes only and is not a statement of future intentions. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the features, services, products and innovations outlined in this document are currently under development and not used.

ToGETher makes no guarantees or representations regarding the successful development or implementation of any technologies and innovations noted in the document. No one has the right to rely on the content of this document or any conclusions from it, including with respect to any interactions with ToGETher.

ToGETher will not be held liable for any kind of damage or loss (foreseeable or not) that may arise from a person acting in relation to any information and opinions regarding the ToGETher platform, despite any negligence or default. The information contained in this document has been obtained from sources that ToGETher believes are reliable, however, ToGETher makes no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information provided.

The information contained in this document is subject to change without prior notice to the reader, user, or other others. The ToGETher platform is not obligated to change, modify or update this document in the event that any issue set forth in this document, or any of the opinions, projections, estimates, expressed herein change or subsequently become inaccurate.

ToGETher, its directors, employees, contractors and representatives do not have any responsibility or liability towards any person (whether due to negligence, negligent misrepresentation or otherwise). Each user should rely solely on their own knowledge, judgment and judgment on the issues that are the subject of this document. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the facts set forth in this document, all estimates, projections, perspectives, opinions and other judgments contained in this document are based on assumptions and should not be construed as uniquely correct.

Any plans, ideas or forecasts mentioned in this document may not be fulfilled due to many factors (problems in the development of technology, legal or regulatory impact, corporate actions, unavailability of complete and accurate information, etc.).

ToGETher may provide links to websites of organizations, however, the inclusion of a link does not mean that ToGETher recommends or endorses any material, product, service associated with this link. Access to such linked websites is solely at your own risk. By accessing this document, the user agrees to abide by the above terms and conditions.

17.0 Contacts

My name is Alexander Vilganov. I am the author of this project. You can find out more about me on my LinkedIn.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexander_vilganov/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AVilganov?s=09

Golos: https://golos.io/@alex.vil

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandr-vilganov/

Telegram: @ AlexVil1


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