Our project is not a Ponzi scheme

According to some people, the tool that we have proposed for making money, namely our smart contract ToGETher Partner Program, may be nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

Ponzi schemes are fairly common in the modern world. They quickly gain popularity, and then quickly collapse, leaving behind only investors stuck at a loss. Only this in itself strongly contradicts the concept of the platform we proposed. We want to confront scammers, not join them. To dispel doubts, we offer you this article.

Let’s consider the main theses characterizing a typical financial pyramid:

-Ponzi don’t have their own product. Moreover, the very essence of the pyramid is to neutralize the need for the latter. The entire business model of such projects is built on the banal smearing of incoming funds between the current participants in order to create the illusion of profitability.

-There is no financial activity in Ponzi. The company does not make money in any way, does not create anything, but only collects money.

-Ponzi is a centralized system, headed by a person or a group of people who distribute funds through manual control or the use of easily modified scripts.

Now, let’s discuss ToGETher and our smart contract in particular.

-ToGETher does not have its own product, but this does not mean that our business model does not imply its availability. The popularity of our proposed smart contract will increase, including through the creation / development of our product. Namely, a crowdfunding platform. This is a direct relationship. Moreover, our smart contract is only a minor tool. One of many that will be offered to users in the future with the aim of providing them with opportunities for personal income and support of our crowdfunding platform.

-At this stage, our project cannot have financial activity, since its presence implies the availability of a workable product. But subsequent development makes the creation and scaling of such a product vital for our project. This is our top priority goal. In this case, our smart contract should be viewed as an investment model for a narrow circle of potential investors who can receive income limited only by their skills and knowledge through affiliate marketing. We do not offer money to everyone and effortlessly. To receive income with the ToGETher Partner Program, you need to work. For us, this is an unlimited investment round, without the need to issue a token, the value of which could only be backed up by the reputation of the current product. For YOU, it is a tool for unlimited time earnings, which is not affected in any way by the timing of the development of our idea. Benefit without dependence on the state of affairs within the project. After all, a smart contract will exist and work as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

-Our proposed smart contract is decentralized. The distribution of funds occurs automatically, according to the provisions described in the code, which cannot be influenced. The algorithm does not contain the functions necessary for such an influence, and we cannot add them, simply because the smart contract has already been published. The only function available to the authors of the code is to change the size of the entry fee, which is necessary in order to avoid situations in which, due to movements in the ETH rate, the entry price will be unreasonably high. Otherwise, the authors of the project, just like any other users, only receive the deductions described in the code. It is simply impossible to close a smart contract and deprive our users of the opportunity to receive income.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize all of the above. The ToGETher Partner Program is not a Ponzi scheme, but we cannot deny that such an impression does not come out of nowhere. The ToGETher project is just beginning its development and does not yet have a completed product, which is why some users may mistakenly equate our activities with financial pyramids. However, in the future, the line between the Ponzi model and our project will become more and more tangible and clear, which, of course, will have a positive impact on the popularity of ToGETher.

At this stage, the ToGETher Partner Program is nothing more than the first tool offered to our users for making money and part-time — our investment model necessary to raise funds for the next full launch of the project. We are confident that the idea we have proposed will find a response among many people, so we have no reason to refuse to implement it in the future.

Moreover, you can use our smart contract for crowdfunding right now! If you have an idea and want to raise funds for its implementation, then you can easily present it to the world by inviting people to become part of your structure in ToGETher! Thus, you will not only attract funding for your own project, but also immediately respond to your investors with the opportunity to derive unlimited benefit from the subsequent popularization of your idea and inviting new users to the project.

Summarizing the above, we confidently declare that the ToGETher Partner Program is not a Ponzi scheme, but an investment model, which at the same time is also the world’s first prototype of a DECENTRALIZED CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM that neutralizes any risks for investors.