Affiliate program

To attract investments, we use a partner smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is done in order to immediately offer our investors the opportunity and a tool to extract the unlimited benefits they deserve, and to focus on the implementation of all aspects of the project, without being distracted by creating demand for an asset, the value of which would directly depend on the performance and reputation of our crowdfunding platform. Looking ahead, let’s say that in the future, we plan to launch our own digital currency, and with it our own decentralized exchange.

Our smart contract solves several tasks at once. In addition to the fact that it is a way to attract investments and one of the first tools we offer for user earnings within our platform, due to its specificity, it will also serve as one of the sources of income, due to which we will begin to fill our insurance fund necessary to cover losses. victims of scam users. Without restrictions on the total amount of funds raised, the ToGETher Partner Program smart contract will continue to operate as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, which will allow our investors not to worry about the fact that they will no longer receive deserved income for helping our platform.

ToGETher Partner Program is a smart contract devoid of backdoors with the simplest possible logic. It allows our users to earn 50% of the contribution amount of each invited partner within the personal branch, another 50% of the contribution amount of each user brought by their partners, within the corporate branch, and another 50% of the contribution amount at the moment when the direct partner initiates reinvest. All payments are made automatically, at the very moment when your partner joins the project. The authors of the smart contract do not have access to your funds, cannot influence the logic of their distribution or steal. They, like all other users, only receive the deductions described in the logic of the code.

Reinvest is an event that occurs when every fourth partner is invited to your network. At this moment, you personally do not receive income. Half of it goes to our project, and the rest goes to the user who invited you. But don’t be upset. This omission is more than offset by reinvestments that your own partners later initiate.

To join the affiliate program, you must register by accessing one of the two corresponding functions of our smart contract. You can always familiarize yourself with it by clicking on the link:

During registration, you need to make a donation, the funds from which will go to two recipients defined by the logic of the smart contract. At the time of this writing, the contribution amount is 0.12 ETH.

The program itself consists of two directions (branches). Under the terms of the Personal branch of our program, you will receive a part of the contributions of all the partners you invited, assigned for this branch. But every fourth partner is a reinvestment trigger. As part of this event, the income for this user is not received by you, but by the partner who invited you (the platform, if there are none). You, in turn, in the same way, receive contributions from every fourth referral invited by your partners. The more people indicate you when registering with their referrer, the more reinvestments you can receive.

According to the terms of the Corporate branch, the corresponding part of the contribution of each of your partners goes to the user who invited you to the program (platform, if there are none). All reinvestments within this branch receive the address of the owner of the smart contract. You also receive funds from the contributions of referrals brought by your invited partners.

Let’s give an example. You have invited a partner to the program. He made a donation equal to 0.12 ETH. This amount is divided in half. 0.06 ETH attributable to the Personal branch you receive (if this partner does not turn out to be a reinvestment trigger). And the rest of the amount, within the Corporate branch, is received by the user who invited you to the project. If the partner you referred is the fourth, eighth, twelfth and so on for you, then reinvest is activated. In this case, part of the funds for the Personal branch will be received by the person who invited you to the project, and the rest of the money will go to the author of the smart contract for the development of ToGETher.

We draw your attention to the fact that by inviting new partners, you increase the number of reinvestments of which you can become the recipient. In addition, in this way you create a network of users who will generate passive income for you.

With 100 invited partners, you will have a user base of 400 people. Every fourth of them will be a reinvestment trigger. There are 300 participants that will bring income exclusively to you (at the rate of 4 referrals for each personally your partner). With the donation amount equal to 0.12 ETH, we will receive 0.06 ETH attributable to the Corporate branch. 300 x 0.06 = 18 ETH passive income. At the time of writing, this amount is equivalent to $ 7960 or 580.500 rubles. It is also important that 100 people of reinvestment are your income in the conditions of the Personal branch. Thus, we add 0.06 x100 = 6 ETH additional income to the received amount. In total, 24 ETH only due to the activity of partners.

These figures are approximate. The real amount of income depends only on you and your partners. With a network of active members, you can easily earn much more.

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