About the project

ToGETher is a new generation crowdfunding platform that offers its services to both traditional (professional and amateur) investment projects, as well as projects from the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Bringing together people who are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation, we create an environment in which each of our applicants can feel safe and not worry that the funds offered by them will fall into the hands of fraudsters and will be lost forever.

Gathering like-minded people, we strive to create a platform that enjoys the trust and respect of the community, the placement of which will not only be a beneficial step in development for projects, but also a gesture that speaks of the seriousness and reliability of their intentions. A platform that will awaken people’s interest in traditional crowdfunding, and rehabilitate in their eyes the cryptocurrency market, which many associate with lawlessness and fraudsters.

Regulation and its lack is a cornerstone in disputes between representatives of the cryptocurrency community. Some are confident that government intervention in the management of this market will lead to a drop in the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies as an investment and trading instrument. Others insist that without proper regulation that can protect the interests of a potential consumer, this market will not attract the attention of either retail, let alone institutional investors, whose efforts could multiply both the attractiveness and capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Each of the above parties law. Therefore, ToGETher is ready to offer the community a comprehensive compromise solution aimed at both increasing the investment attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market and protecting the interests of each of its players.

The basic idea is that we should not rely entirely on the state for regulation. The cryptocurrency community is itself capable of regulating relations in its market. The only problem is that this market is actually illegal, making it impossible to suppress many fraudulent activities. That’s right, and it is not always possible to return the stolen funds to the victims of these actions.

There are no laws. But this does not in the least negate the possibility of introducing certain rules into the relationship algorithm, non-observance of which will entail previously agreed consequences. But how do you spread the impact of these rules throughout the market? How to achieve the promised protection if there are simply no laws protecting the interests associated with the theft of cryptocurrency, or they do not work well?

The answer is much closer than it sounds. We don’t need to impose our rules on the entire market. A small oasis is enough, to which everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of their investments will instinctively strive. This oasis will be TOGETHER.

Speaking of protection, we do not have to hold fraudulent projects accountable precisely for stealing cryptocurrency. It is much easier to achieve a positive outcome of the litigation if the company is involved in violation of a contract concluded with it in advance. User agreement, the content of which will include signs and situations, focusing on which the community and our platform will be able to make an unambiguous conclusion about the unfairness of the project. Violation of this agreement is tantamount to non-compliance by the project recognized as a “scam” of its obligations to the crowdfunding platform ToGETher. Based on this violation, we go to court with the requirement to bring the fraudsters to justice and recover compensation from them in accordance with the “forfeit” stipulated in the agreement. At the same time, the investors of the project recognized by the scam receive their investments back, at the expense of the internal insurance fund ToGETher.

Clearing the cryptocurrency market from fraudsters is a global and, at this stage, almost impossible task. But thanks to the ToGETher initiative, the crypto community will be able to take a confident step towards achieving this goal.

Every big journey starts with a small step. So the recovery of the cryptoasset market will begin with the creation of a small platform, free from the influence of scammers, the effectiveness of which will directly depend on your desire to “not be a victim of deception”.

ToGETher is a crowdfunding platform created to change the rules of the game forever.

Project goals

  1. Promote the development of crowdfunding.
  2. Countering fraudsters.
  3. Protecting the interests of investors operating on our platform.
  4. To help projects interested in attracting investment by offering them the support of a community interested in making a profit.
  5. Creation of a special zone within which users can safely invest, attract funding and monetize their skills.
  6. Offer users a list of different tools for earning funds within the platform.
  7. Reanimate the ICO model as a crowdfunding tool, through the pinpoint regulation of this phenomenon by the internal norms of the ToGETher community.
  8. To increase the rate of popularization of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the market built around them.
  9. Erase the line between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.
  10. To unite the investor community by offering them protection and the opportunity to receive compensation, thereby simplifying the task for quality projects intending to attract investment through our platform.
  11. Create a free online academy with materials useful for novice investors and traders. Offer users rewards for creating tutorials and video courses.
  12. Increase the level of financial literacy of users in order to protect them from fraudsters using social engineering.
  13. To create an insurance fund, the assets of which will be able to compensate for the losses of our users who are victims of exit scam.
  14. Create a decentralized exchange with the possibility of internal voting by selected users Yes» or «No» adding a specific asset.
  15. Create our own token in order to provide our users with even more opportunities for earning.
  16. Support innovative ideas.
  17. Make investing interesting, simple and affordable for everyone, regardless of their financial condition.


Raising funds

We use our smart contract to attract funding and create a committed community

Expanding the team

To implement our idea, experienced developers, specialists in legal matters and marketing support are needed.


The beginning of active marketing activities aimed at increasing the recognition of the project and helping our partners in the development of their business structures.

Creation of the social part of our platform

ToGETher is a social platform within which users will not only invest, but also interact with other users. Therefore, we plan to offer people the opportunity to create thematic communities, blogs. Add opportunities for their promotion and monetization. It is especially important for established and novice crypto bloggers whose videos and channels are deleted on YOUTUBE without explanation.

Creation of the crowdfunding part of the platform

Create, test and refine part of the crowdfunding part of our platform.

Creation of savings funds

Creation of funds, such as the Insurance Fund (compensation for users), Marketing Fund (for purposes aimed at promoting business, including international), Payroll Fund (to support employees) and Investment Fund (funds that will be used to increase through investment activities and exchange trading).

MVP presentation

Introduce a workable product to the community.

Company registration and obtaining all necessary licenses

Business registration, choice of jurisdiction, obtaining all necessary permits.

Full launch of the crowdfunding platform

Launch of the platform. Selection and listing of the first cryptocurrency projects. Getting started with fiat crowdfunding campaigns.

Conclusion of partnership agreements with companies providing services necessary for the authors of cryptocurrency projects (from token / blockchain development to full marketing support and listing on exchanges)

Conclusion of partnership agreements aimed at improving the quality of crowdfunding projects by offering them professional technical and marketing support.

Creating our own token

Creating our own token. Creation of demand for it through listings on other exchanges, conclusion of partnership agreements with other projects, marketing, integration into a crowdfunding platform and offering it as a means of payment for promoting projects and communities within the platform.

Creation of an online academy

Collecting materials, creating technical support, attracting authors and users interested in marketing and investments. Development of methods for the subsequent encouragement of their activity.

DEX development and launch

Development and launch of our own decentralized exchange, with the ability of users to vote “Yes” or “No the addition of certain assets, in order to provide traders with only those trading instruments that inspire their trust.

Creation of a crypto-fiat bank

Looking far ahead, we have a plan to create a dedicated international bank dealing with both crypto assets and traditional currencies.